Reduce downtime up to 48%

CWorks helps "reactive" plants worldwide deploy preventive maintenance
that's proven to deliver up to 48% reduction in unplanned downtime.

Proven, Practical, Preventive Maintenance Scheduler

For when it is completely, precisely and critically important that preventive maintenance is done on time

Time based scheduling

Schedule by fixed time periods, by date, by actual completion date, or day of week

Meter based scheduling

Schedule by incremental readings or high-low threshold readings

Eliminate schedule overlaps

Remove conflicts between different frequencies such as annual/monthly overlaps

Work order generation

Easily generate preventive maintenance work orders by date range

Checklist attachment

Create task checklist library and attach them to any preventive maintenance schedule

Spares management

Materials module for ensuring adequate preventive maintenance spares

Let us help before your preventive program is toast.

Preventive maintenance must be done punctually. Delayed and missed task makes your
preventive program worth less!

Optimize your preventive maintenance


Be a team

Get everyone involved. Make PM a team effort with unlimited user site licenses that give each team member, including storekeepers, customized access and individualized passwords.


Be effective

Remove ineffective tasks. Easily review and edit tasks
that have scheduling conflicts, inefficient scheduling, duplicate or missing information.


Be efficient

Individualized schedules. Equipment is either new, old, operational or dormant. Create individualized schedules for each piece of equipment using the extensive scheduling options available.


Be assured

Show task completion. Attach job photos, videos, and documents to work orders to show actual PM history. Use for future training, troubleshooting and to reduce redundant work.

"...a system for those who are without one or are unhappy with their current solution." - Maintenance Technology Magazine


  • USD 1695
  • CWorks PLUS
  • Site License. No user limit, no time limit.
  • Comprehensive work order management with advance search and sort
  • Many languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Bulgarian, Romanian & Portuguese)
  • Extensive, no conflict, preventive maintenance scheduler with meter based scheduling
  • Record full physical asset life cycle histories
  • Comprehensive suite of reports including preventive maintenance compliance, MTBF and MTTR
  • Comes with one year support
  • Great addition to ISO9001 implementation


  • USD 0
  • CWorks Basic
  • Single user. No obligation, No time limit
  • Good for basic work order recording and fixed period preventive maintenance scheduling


* For web/cloud CMMS, training and customization, please contact us.

What users say...

CWorks is implementable anywhere
"even on offshore oil rigs"

Globally proven

Users in more than
100 countries

Many languages

English, Spanish, Chinese, Bulgarian, Romanian, Farsi, French, Swedish, Portuguese, German, Polish, and Croatian

Globally accepted

Chosen by users in various industries including manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, education, healthcare and municipalities

Implementation made easy

Users have reported very low learning curve. Even with thousands of assets, implementation is as fast as 2 weeks

CWorks - The Preventive Maintenance Software Specialist

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